Alii from the Management and staff of Palasia Hotel Palau

Alii from the Management and staff of Palasia Hotel Palau

Palasia Hotel, Palau provides a preferred location in the heart of Palau’s Capital City, Koror State. This First Class Deluxe Hotel, with 7 floors and 3 basement levels, opened in the summer of August 24, 1998, located in the central business district of the State of Koror and situated in the heart of the island, this strategic location provides everyone easy accessibility to numerous and variety of restaurants, shopping centers, souvenir shops, open beaches and other public facilities on the island.

Our first-class accommodation offers 165 rooms and suites with balconies that provide spectacular views of the Rock Islands and the Northern Bay of the island. Each room will guarantee a home atmosphere and service away from the brinks of the city life.

To complete the perfect get-away trip, Palasia Hotel offers unique, cast-away experiences for all ages thru underwater adventures, natural surroundings and for those quiet moments swim in the crystal clear ocean waters or lay on the white sand with your loved ones.

We assure you that with this Western Pacific ambiance your travel experiences are destined to become lifetime memories.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

With exceptional leadership of the Management team it has engendered an exemplary team of professionals who in their daily dedication, work with enthusiasm and strive to make Palasia Hotel Palau a reference in the Pacific Islands.

Our philosophy which is based on excellence and discretion is aimed at satisfying the tastes of each of our guests and at honouring them with the most impeccable personalized attention.

We are fully confident that Palasia Hotel Palau is the perfect choice at any time of the year to have a relaxing holiday to enjoy a romantic break, to hold a business meeting, to unwind after accumulated stress, to delight in the best conditions of privacy and tranquility and to regain the well-being that we all need.

Our facilities offer all the services and sophistication that is expected of a top class hotel.

We would be greatly honoured to have you as our guests at the Palasia Hotel Palau, to share our enthusiasm with you and to help you to enjoy a unique, special experience with us.

Our efforts are aimed at making the team of Palasia Hotel, Palau the best hotel team in its category for the benefit of our clients. And because we highly value diversity, we have our staff collaborators of different nationalities who contribute to adding a personalized, international touch.

The Management Team and Staffs are committed in ensuring your experience to be both pleasant and memorable.